Store Update

So it's been awhile since we gave an update on our progress and a lot has changed since our first post.

Can I just say even though I've researched mobile boutiques and van/shuttle conversions and I feel like I know a little something it doesn't compare to being in the middle of a "build". When we picked out the building I had a certain "look" in mind that I wanted. Let's be honest, that "look" was more than my real budget!

Our first decision was to paint the walls, man that was a chore. We made it a family affair and got my teenage son involved. I think he winded up with more paint ON HIM rather than the walls. Now in the future, some time next year, I plan to insulate and put up walls but for now I'm content.

Next step was flooring. Now here's where my "look" and budget collide. I wanted vinyl flooring in this greyish wood tone color. OMG it was going to look so good in there. After price comparing and looking at various flooring ideas, I opted on carpet. I think for the space and theme I'm going for at the moment it fits.

We had to enlist my 90 some year old grandfather to assist with the delivery. Now before you leave comments about why I had my grandfather out working, we just borrowed his truck. And if you know him then you already know he keeps himself busy! Plus I think him seeing what we're doing gave him peace of mind about the success of our business.

The one thing I knew going into this was I wanted solar. Amazon to the rescue! After reading reviews and watching YouTube I decided on this unit. I like that it came with multiple lights and 2 light up with building very well.

Now to get my husband to hang the panel!



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