Our New Journey

Now that we've shared the announcement we'll let you in on the journey.
So our building was delivered last week and seeing it on the truck, I thought there was NO WAY it fit not only in-between the houses much less in our backyard. But these guys knew EXACTLY what they were doing!
Tres Chic Loft building - treschicloft.com
It's still a shock seeing it back here. I continually stop and think "what is that?" LOL.
When I started this journey almost 3yrs ago I had hopes of having an actual store. Hence why my business name was broader than the industry I was currently in. Our business has exploded these last couple of months (thanks to our wonderful customers) and we've outgrown our spare bedroom turned home office so I knew I had to come up with another option.
Now I don't know if you've ever shopped for a retail location but they can be rather expensive! Especially once you factor in utility cost on top of your current overhead. Plus in my area there wasn't too many locations to choose from in my budget.

So why not use what I already have Melissa? Exactly what I asked myself couple days before we went shopping for a portable building. After doing some research in a couple Facebook groups I decided this was the route for me. Now I thought it'd take some convincing to get my husband on board but once I told him the idea and showed him photos of building he was all for it! Not sure why I didn't think of this before, but everything happens at the right time.

So this is our new journey and we hope you come along with us for the ride.

The Melissa Moore Online - treschicloft.com

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