Organization Tips To Do At The Beginning Of The Month

Have you wanted to be more organized but just didn’t know where to start? I’ve put together 5 organization tips that you can do at the start of every month to help you be more organized.

1. This one is for my ladies, clean out your purse!

I don’t know about you but my purse seems to be the catchall for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! From store receipts to candy wrappers, pens, and just unnecessary JUNK. Set aside a few minutes or hour if your purse is like mine, and clean it out.

2. Clean out your refrigerator.

Go through your refrigerator and throw away anything that expired. Maybe you have take out boxes or leftovers from who knows when still in there, this is the time to get rid of them. Once you remove those items, it’s also the perfect time to deep clean your fridge.

3. Deep clean your house.

Since we’ve already got the refrigerator complete, take the time to go through the rest of your home. Check your kitchen & medicine cabinets for expired food or medications. Declutter; remove anything that doesn’t belong in that space. Clean and disinfect appliances.

4. Set goals for yourself.

What is something you want to accomplish this month? Maybe it’s to finish a book you started a couple of weeks ago or it’s to eat out less. However big or small the goal is, take a moment to write it down and create a plan to help you achieve it. Need help with goal setting, check out this post.

5. Organize your photos on your phone.

Have you ever got the warning on your phone that says “Storage Low” or something to that effect? Most likely you got the warning because your photos are eating up your phone's storage space. Every phone whether Android or iPhone, now comes with so sort of cloud-based storage (if for some reason yours doesn’t you there are free options available) but how many of us actually use it? I use mine to organize my photos. I upload my photos to the cloud app, then organize them by moment. Maybe it was my son’s birthday or Christmas photos. However, you want to organize them you can. Think of this as your virtual photo album.

What additional organization tips would you add to the list to jump-start your organization every month?


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