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Store Update

So it's been awhile since we gave an update on our progress and a lot has changed since our first post. Can I just say even though I've researched mobile boutiques and van/shuttle conversions and I feel like I know a little something it doesn't compare to being in the middle of a "build". When we picked out the building I had a certain "look" in mind that I wanted. Let's be honest, that "look" was more than my real budget! Our first decision was to paint the walls, man that was a chore. We made it a family affair and got my teenage son involved. I think he winded up with more paint ON HIM rather than the walls....

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Our New Journey

So our building was delivered last week and seeing it on the truck, I thought there was NO WAY it fit not only in-between the houses much less in our backyard. But these guys knew EXACTLY what they were doing!   It's still a shock seeing it back here. I continually stop and think "what is that?" LOL  

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Set Goals not Resolutions

How many New Years Resolutions have you made but never completed? Personally, I've done that too many times to count. Here is why you should set goals and not resolutions and tips to help you achieve those goals.

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